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Author Unknown
Illustrator Unknown
Published on 2015
Published by Veg-ART comics
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Araku is the name of a Science fiction-universe created by Veg-Art comics.

Published Edit

Comic Short Stories Edit

Going Nuts - ongoing (2/5 pages)

Upcoming/In progress Edit

This is a list of the work currently in development. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress, and all the titles are prelimenary.

Book I Edit

Araku, Chapter I - The Discovery

Araku, Chapter II - The Abduction

Araku, shapter III - The Escape

Araku, Chapter IV - On the Run

Araku, Chapter V - The Return

Araku, Chapter VI - The Hiding

Araku, Chapter VII - The Attack

Araku, Chapter VIII -

Araku, Chapter IX -

Araku, Chapter X -