Societal information
Species Clamonian
Homeworld Brigon (first)

Hopon-Di (present)

Population 250 000
Distinctions -
Language Naxxu
Alliances -
Significant members Selinmuh


Status Alive
Physical characteristics
Height 150 cm (average)
Skin color All colors in visual range
Life span 850-2000 years

Clamonians were in many millennia the most advanced and powerful species in the entire Milky Way Galaxy. They were the first species able to transport living beings faster than the speed of light using the Araku-stones.

Biology and appearance Edit

They can be several tousand years old, and their skin color changes through their lifetime, covering the entire visual color spectre from red-purple. Even though they are vegetarians, they have a pretty predatory apperance, with long sharp theeth and claws.

History Edit

The ancient clamonians were a water breathing people, living under the surface on the planet Brigon. As their technology advanced, they conquered the landmasses on the planet and over time they were able to push evolution, making them able to breath air. They still prefer being in the ocean, so all of their cities are build close to, and often partially under, water