Societal information
Species Human
Homeworld Loran
Population -
Distinctions -
Language Marit


Alliances -
Significant members -
Status Extinct
Physical characteristics
Height 187 cm (male average)
Skin color Fair
Life span 80-100 years

The lorans were a race of humans originated from the planet Loran. They were a peaceful and intelligent people, with a mind much more evolved than the earthlings, making some of them having the potential for learning telepathy and telekinesis. They were the first victims of the Araku-war, when a massive, planet destructing weapon destroyed every living thing on the surface, leaving only dust behind. They were immediately declared extinct, even though some believe that a small group were evacuated in time.

Biology and appearance Edit

They share a common ancestory with the earthlings and the esiri, but they tend to be taller and having a more lean body type, and most of them have brown/red hair, light skin and green eyes.

History Edit

The humans on Loran have most likely evolved in parallell with the humans on earth, and it is commonly accepted throughout the galaxy that both loran, esiri and earthlings must have originated from the same planet, due to their similarities in biology. How they ended up on different planets remains unknown, but many believe that they were placed there about 200 000 earth years ago, by a highly advanced being.

As opposed to all the wars and violence throughout history on earth, the lorans evolved faster and in a much more peaceful way. When the earthlings still were in the viking age, the lorans had already been able to send a man in orbit around the planet. By the time of the genocide in 1077(earth year), they were already planning a manned mission to earth.